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Mattie S.

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    Dr. Downer was my hip replacement surgeon at the end of March 2018. He is focused and highly skilled. In fact some of the nurses who assist him commented to me how impressed they are with his speed. I was on my feet hours after the surgery and have continued to progress. It has been 3 months. At my 2 week follow up appointment with Dr. Downer I had shed my walker and was doing well with a cane. I have noticed in reviews of surgeons that some people are unhappy with the amount of time spent with them and/or the lack of warmth. Those qualities are not important with me with a surgeon. I regard a surgeon as kind of a body engineer. The quality of skills and experience is my priority as well as recommendations by family doctors and other health care providers. Dr. Downer was at the top of many lists and I can appreciate why.

    I would like to suggest that Dr. Downer be willing to prescribe physical therapy earlier than 8 weeks post surgery, especially if requested by the patient. I did have a few sessions while in the hospital but feel follow up out patient PT would have supported my recovery. In conclusion, I would gladly recommend Dr. Downer for hip replacement surgery.

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